In The Latest Round Of How Cool Is C Anecdotes Ive Ported My Personal Mailing List Manager Entirely Over To Gearhost My

In the latest round of "How cool is C#" anecdotes, I've ported my personal mailing list manager entirely over to Gearhost (my hosting service). My C# MLM is based on the "JavaDomo" MLM I wrote for Java Pro a few years ago, and if I get significant requests, I'll clean it up and post it open source. Until that happens, I have to admit to considering a major API change: specifically, the creation of an MLM Web Service spec. The idea is that there might be some benefit in switching to a transport-neutral discussion API. "Subscribe" "Unsubscribe" "Post" "Reply" etc. as verbs, but neutral to the delivery medium (mail, Web page, etc.) or delivery technology. Of course, there would be a binding to major providers such as Majordomo and L-Soft and Yahoo Groups, etc.