1. Large Language Models and the Chinese Room

    The Chinese Room is a 1980 thought experiment from the philosopher John Searle. The Wikipedia summarizes the setup:

    [S]uppose that artificial intelligence research has succeeded in constructing a computer that behaves as if it understands Chinese. It takes Chinese characters as input and, by following the instructions of a …

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  2. How I Failed At Kaggle Happywhale

    Wow, did I biff that Kaggle contest

    I just deleted my intermediate data and models for Kaggle’s Happywhale competition. I did terrible, never getting much above pure random guessing. Which was frustrating, because it’s a problem in Machine Learning that I’m very interested in (and want to …

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  3. Biggest mistake on Kaggle

    The biggest mistake you can make on Kaggle

    Don’t join a team too quickly. Once you’re on a Kaggle team:

    • You cannot choose to leave
    • The team leader cannot choose to remove you

    Unless you have a very good sense of what exactly your teammates are bringing to …

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  4. Installing Detectron2 on a Mac in CPU mode

    Getting Detectron2 running on a Mac in CPU mode

    At the risk of saying, “Yeah, it’s in the docs,” this is what I did. I think the crucial thing is installed things in the proper order, so I would advise going step-by-step:

    1. Have conda installed (brew install conda if …
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  5. A Simple 3-Step AzureML Pipeline

    A Simple 3-Step AzureML Pipeline (Dataprep, Training, and Evaluation)

    Get the source code and data on Github

    Illustration of pipeline graph

    This demonstrates how you create a multistep AzureML pipeline using a series of PythonScriptStep objects.

    In this case, the calculation is extremely trivial: predicting Iris species using scikit-learn's Gaussian Naive Bayes. This pipeline …

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  6. Longer Orange 30 SLA Printer Assembly & Initial Impressions

    Orange 30 Initial Impressions and First Print

    I received my Orange 30 in a well-packed box via DHL. My box did not contain a manual, which I think might be an indication that it was among the first few hundred printers shipped. (It did, however, have a USB with what …

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  7. From Whalesharks To Leopard Spheres

    One of my big weekend projects (for longer than I care to think) has been trying to create a pipeline for identifying individual whalesharks from photos. The project had kind of grown moribund as I repeatedly failed to get any decent level of recognition despite using what I thought was …

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