Good Bye, Dr. Dobb's

Today comes the shitty news that Dr. Dobb's (...Journal of Computer Calisthenics and Orthodontia) is shutting down.

I would not have had the career I have had without DDJ: first as an inspiration, then as a competitor, and then as the last torch of technically rigorous, personally-voiced but professionally edited …

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My talk "let awesome = App |> F#" available...


Video from my Xamarin Evolve talk on using F# for programming mobile apps, in which I argue that functional and object-oriented programming are two great paradigms that pair great together.

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Xamarin.Forms Programming in F#

Things are kind of busy what with Evolve being only 40 days away and iOS 8 coming down the pipe, but I thought I'd share the easy hack that allows you to program Xamarin.Forms with F#.

(Of course, Xamarin loves F# and official support and templates and documentation and …

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Exploring HealthKit With Xamarin: Provisioning and Permissions Illustrated Walkthrough

One of the more interesting frameworks in iOS 8 is Health Kit, system-wide persistent storage for health-related information. I'm just beginning to explore the namespace myself, but thought I'd walk through the steps you need to manipulate Health Kit with Xamarin.

Because health-related information is so sensitive, developing for Health …

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The Protocol Pattern

In C# (and F#), one can define extension methods on interfaces. These extension methods can have implementations, which can be used as default implementations for implementors of the extension. I haven't heard a name for this technique.


[code lang="csharp"]
interface IFoo


static class IFoo_Extensions
public static void …

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Local Notifications in iOS 8 With Xamarin

As of iOS 8, the user has to provide explicit permission for apps to respond to local notifications. This means that now, the first time the program is run, you need to run code such as:

[code lang="fsharp"]
||| UIUserNotificationType.Badge
||| UIUserNotificationType.Sound,
new NSSet …

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F# For Scripting

It's F# Week at Xamarin. Also, in the US, it's only a 4-day work-week. F# saves 20% of your time. QED.

Anyway, I don't have any actually interesting F# to share, but I recommend:

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iOS 8, Scene Kit @ 60FPS, programmed in F#, using Xamarin.iOS

I have the best job in the world:

[code lang="fsharp"]
namespace SceneKitFSharp

open System
open MonoTouch.UIKit
open MonoTouch.Foundation
open MonoTouch.SceneKit
open MonoTouch.CoreAnimation

type MySceneKitController () =
inherit UIViewController()

override this.ViewDidLoad () =
let scene = new SCNScene ()

//Positions everyone!
let boxNode = new SCNNode ()
boxNode.Geometry \<- new SCNBox(
Width = 1 …

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Using Xamarin.Forms.Maps: You have to Init() first!

The first time I wrote a Xamarin.Forms.Maps program, I couldn't figure out why my map wasn't appearing. And then I put a call to Xamarin.FormsMaps.Init() into the AppDelegate (iOS) and MainActivity (Android):


[code lang="csharp"]
public class App
public static Page GetMainPage ()
return new ContentPage …

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I think BASIC's greatest strength may be that it was something that many people -- not just those with a particular background -- could learn. There was no gatekeeper, either literally or figuratively: you didn't have to push punchcards under a bank-teller window nor did you have to learn recursion before learning …

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