My host is migrating emails: You may get a bounce or a deferred delivery

Between the semi-regularly broken CAPTCHA on my comment system and reports I'm getting from some correspondents, I may have been hard to get in touch with recently. Try lobrien -at- email for a day or two.

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XP Symlinks Confuse Subversion No End

Word to the wise: do not combine Windows symlinks with Subversion; it cannot handle them:

G:\svn\websites>mkdir foo

G:\svn\websites>svn add foo
A         foo

G:\svn\websites>svn commit -m "message"
Adding         websites\foo
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: File not found: transaction '39-1', path …

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LINQ + Reflection: Querying the Object Graph

Yuriy Solodkyy demonstrates the \<a href=""" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">combination of LINQ and Reflection APIs, a technique which could prove to be tremendously powerful and which strikes me as allowing LINQ-enabled languages to have a level of …

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HDTV: Made The Jump, Mixed Results

A year ago I said that HDTV didn't make sense for me. But with the arrival of Tivo HD, the dollar weakening and making dramatic price drops less likely, and the Red Sox making the playoffs, I decided to make the jump and bought a Philips 42".

The biggest problem …

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XBox 360 HD DVD Can't Play This Content: C66700B

Trying to play the very first HD DVD that I've rented ("The Host"), I received an XBox blade popup that said "Can't play this content. Reason code: C66700B." Does anyone know what this is? Please don't tell me there are incompatible HD DVD formats or DRM restrictions that say "Oh …

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Content-Aware Image Resizing For Photo Prints

I've got a few prototypes of content-aware image resizing running and the results are interesting, perhaps primarily because the algorithm works so well that usually you say "eh, what's the big deal?" Unless there are faces in the photo, but more on that later...

Coincidentally, I ordered some prints to …

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My Newbie Reaction to Halo 3 : Meh.

I've never played Halo nor Halo 2. I've now played the first level ("Groundfall" or somesuch) of Halo 3. Gotta' tell you: my initial impression is that it's not as entrancing as Gears of War or Call of Duty. The cutscenes make absolutely no sense to a newbie, the level …

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Those pesky powers of 2

Excel 2007: The problem is that the 3rd column contains =a2*b2 ... (the first 500 numbers for 2\^32 pass, though...)


etc. etc.

Is there a pattern in there?

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Augmented Reality from casey chesnut

casey chesnut has been \<a href=""" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">playing around with augmented reality for the UMPC. I think he's going strictly for a technology demo, but the physical tags he's constructed seem to be about the right size …

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