1. Programmatic AutoLayout Constraints Basics for Xamarin

    1. Create element without an explicit Frame.
    2. Set TranslatesAutoresizingMaskIntroConstraints = false
    3. Create an array of NSLayoutConstraints
    4. Work top-to-bottom, left-to-right, or vice versa. Do this consistently throughout program
    5. Use Layout Anchors
    6. Use the top-level UIViews SafeAreaLayoutGuide to position relative to the Window / screen
    7. For each dimension, set its location (LeadingAnchor / TopAnchor or …
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  2. Notes on installing TensorFlow with GPU Support

    The best Tensorflow is the one you have on your machine.

    In my opinion, the bottleneck on a DNN solution is not training, but data preparation and iterating your model to the point where it's reasonable to start investing kilowatt-hours of electricity to the training. So I have Tensorflow on …

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  3. Dell Infuriates Me

    Sunday rant: I have a 2016 Dell XPS (high-end) laptop. I bought a Dell 25" 4K monitor. And on Friday received a Dell Thunderbolt dock for the monitor. I plug it all together and although the monitor displays wonderfully, the dock is not passing USB through. So I start fiddling …

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  4. My Westworld prediction

    [code lang="csharp"]
    var k = Convert.FromBase64String("vlqnRQo8YYXdqt3c7CahDninF6MgvRnqNEU+/tcbWdM=");
    var iv = Convert.FromBase64String("gaXwv734Tu3+Jw1hgtNrzw==");
    DecryptStringFromBytes(Convert.FromBase64String("Yr2XWzCxceStAF1BaUgaqmWcqFjzWskDDN4foaxfGEO5JHc/oKvgukkMHZuOiw+dK0JxnOhzC1ZA3QLqZZsQxFtjX+qvu0VRM0p6VEfcv18="), k, iv);[/code]

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  5. Keras is the Deep Learning Toolkit You Have Been Waiting For

    I remember a time when "learning about computers" invariably started with the phrase "computers only operate on 0s and 1s…" Things could vary a little for a few minutes, but then you'd get to the meat of things: Boolean logic. "All computer programs are formed from these 'logic gates'…"

    I …

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  6. Mysterious crashes in your iOS 10 program? Check your info.plist

    If you're developing for iOS 10 and your app "silently" crashes (especially if it's an older app), the culprit could well be the increased privacy requirements in iOS 10. Namepaces such as HomeKit now require specific privacy-related keys to be in your info.plist (for instance, NSHomeKitUsageDescription). If you don't …

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  7. Streaming a Web video to AppleTV with Xamarin

    If you have the URL of a streaming video, it's easy to display on an AppleTV, even though tvOS does not have a UIWebView (which would make it really easy). You have to use some AVFoundation code, such as:

    [code lang="csharp"]
    var src = NSUrl.FromString("https://somevideo");
    var asset …

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  8. The Half-Baked Neural Net APIs of iOS 10

    iOS 10 contains 2 sets of APIs relating to Artificial Neural Nets and Deep Learning, aka The New New Thing. Unfortunately, both APIs are bizarrely incomplete: they allow you to specify the topology of the neural net, but have no facility for training.

    I say this is "bizarre" for two …

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