1. Deep Whalesharks

    Whalesharks are the largest fish in the ocean, but very little is known about their movements (where they breed, for instance, has been a huge mystery, although there's now pretty good evidence that some, at least, breed in the Galapagos).

    Whalesharks have a "fingerprint" in the form of distinct spots …

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  2. I Didn't Like "Enlightenment Now"

    They say to never write a negative review of a book until it has received too many positive ones. Which brings us to “Enlightenment Now: The Case For Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress,” by Steven Pinker.

    The tl;dr is that he doesn’t actually argue this case, he just …

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  3. Programmatic AutoLayout Constraints Basics for Xamarin

    1. Create element without an explicit Frame.
    2. Set TranslatesAutoresizingMaskIntroConstraints = false
    3. Create an array of NSLayoutConstraints
    4. Work top-to-bottom, left-to-right, or vice versa. Do this consistently throughout program
    5. Use Layout Anchors
    6. Use the top-level UIViews SafeAreaLayoutGuide to position relative to the Window / screen
    7. For each dimension, set its location (LeadingAnchor / TopAnchor or …
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  4. Notes on installing TensorFlow with GPU Support

    The best Tensorflow is the one you have on your machine.

    In my opinion, the bottleneck on a DNN solution is not training, but data preparation and iterating your model to the point where it's reasonable to start investing kilowatt-hours of electricity to the training. So I have Tensorflow on …

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  5. Dell Infuriates Me

    Sunday rant: I have a 2016 Dell XPS (high-end) laptop. I bought a Dell 25" 4K monitor. And on Friday received a Dell Thunderbolt dock for the monitor. I plug it all together and although the monitor displays wonderfully, the dock is not passing USB through. So I start fiddling …

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  6. My Westworld prediction

    [code lang="csharp"]
    var k = Convert.FromBase64String("vlqnRQo8YYXdqt3c7CahDninF6MgvRnqNEU+/tcbWdM=");
    var iv = Convert.FromBase64String("gaXwv734Tu3+Jw1hgtNrzw==");
    DecryptStringFromBytes(Convert.FromBase64String("Yr2XWzCxceStAF1BaUgaqmWcqFjzWskDDN4foaxfGEO5JHc/oKvgukkMHZuOiw+dK0JxnOhzC1ZA3QLqZZsQxFtjX+qvu0VRM0p6VEfcv18="), k, iv);[/code]

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  7. Keras is the Deep Learning Toolkit You Have Been Waiting For

    I remember a time when "learning about computers" invariably started with the phrase "computers only operate on 0s and 1s…" Things could vary a little for a few minutes, but then you'd get to the meat of things: Boolean logic. "All computer programs are formed from these 'logic gates'…"

    I …

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