Ruby Booksales Grow At 53%: Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Tim O'Reilly posts his always-intriguing quarterly analysis of the tech book sector.

Joe Gregorio interprets the 53% growth in sales of Ruby-based books as evidence that there is no "next Java" or "next framework." I'm sympathetic with his thesis, but I'm not sure that 53% growth counts as any kind …

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How To Win (Or At Least Get Considered) For A Jolt

Andrew Binstock shares the advice he gives when vendors call to ask why they didn't become finalists.

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The Personal Threading Maturity Model

Alan Zeichick's proposal of an organizational Threading Maturity Model is an excellent contribution. As with object-orientation, it does not suffice for a single person to have mastery or near-mastery; the average ability of the team must be fair in order to maintain quality, chaos can be wrought by just one …

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Give it a REST

My latest in SD Times is up, in which I decide to stop being polite about WS-*.

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Dugg: Ugh!

Sorry about the "Service Unavailable"s throughout the day. My post on "Top 10 Things I've Learned About Computers From The Movies and Any Episode of '24'" got >1800 Diggs today. My ISP called me in the middle of the afternoon and said that my site was consuming 100% CPU …

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2006 Jolt Award Finalists: Development Environments

I'm the moderator of the "Development Environments" category of the Jolt Awards and this year the finalists are:

Development Environments

  • EiffelStudio Open Source Edition (Eiffel Software)
  • IntelliJ IDEA (JetBrains)
  • IronPython (Microsoft)
  • Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express, XNA Framework (Microsoft)
  • NetBeans IDE (Sun Microsystems)
  • Wolfram Workbench (Wolfram Research)

This makes for …

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2006 Jolt Award Finalists: Other Categories

Change and Configuration Management

AnthillPro3 (Urbancode)

Automated Build Studio (AutomatedQA)

FLEXnet Connect (Macrovision)

Perforce: the Fast Software Configuration (Perforce Software)

Team Foundation Server (Microsoft Corporation)

CA Wily Introscope ChangeDetector (CA / Wily Technology)

Collaboration Tools

Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional (Adobe Systems)

Code Collaborator (Smart Bear Software)

Confluence (Atlassian Software Systems)

NetBeans …

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2006 Jolt Award Finalists, Books

Books (Practical/General Developer Interest)

Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game (Addison-Wesley) by Alistair Cockburn

Catastrophe Disentanglement (Addison-Wesley) by E. M. Bennatan

Eric Sink on the Business of Software (Apress) by Eric Sink

Practices of an Agile Developer (Pragmatic Bookshelf) by Venkat Subramaniam and Andy Hunt

Software Creativity 2.0 …

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The Threading Maturity Model

Alan Zeichick proposes a Threading Maturity Model.

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