1. Best 100% Kona Coffees: 2011 Holualoa Coffee Stroll

    Not counting Geek Acres, the best 100% Kona coffees were available for tasting during the annual Coffee Stroll.

    Tina and I both agreed on the top 3:

    1. Mr. Bean: Complex, bright, great mouthfeel, clean finish -- everything you could want in a coffee.
    2. Sugai: Super mellow and round with a clean …
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  2. The Traveling Astronomer Problem

    Apropos of something I'm not quite ready to talk about, here is an interesting challenge:

    How do you optimize your time at the telescope if you have a set of objects that you'd like to observe?

    For instance, if you want to see as many Messier objects as you can …

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  3. 100' Club

    ‘Not feeling it. Lungs not as full as they should be -- already feeling funky. Caught my fins at the surface for a sec. Bail out now and try again.’

    These are my thoughts as I approach the first bleach bottle. I am upside down, pulling myself hand-by-hand down a rope …

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  4. Idea: Solar Energy Test Kit

    I wish that I could put something the size of, say, a briefcase on my roof, leave it there for a month, bring it down, plug in a USB cord, and read "A solar water heater would have generated X% of your hotwater needs. A PV installation of X panels …

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  5. Aloha Airlines Shuts Down, Strands Passengers

    Aloha Airlines, one of the more important carriers to Hawai'i, entered bankruptcy a few weeks ago and this morning announced the grounding of their passenger fleet effective tomorrow.

    We have a friend in town who's stranded. We love having her, but she appears a little stressed. She doesn't drink, either …

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  6. February: Best Month to Visit Hawai'i Island

    \<a href="http://www.judithbastiaanssen.com/2002Australia/photos/fraser/fraser08.jpg"" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">The seas are filled with humpbacks, both breeding and nursing. If you go in the water, you can hear them a little if you're on the surface, but if you can swim down 5' …

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  7. Me Filming A Jellyfish


    This is a photo by Wayne Levin, an incredible photographer who stars in a new video for Hawaiian tourism

    While I'm at it, this is one Wayne took of Tina, bluewater freediving near a fish-aggregating buoy:


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  8. HDTV: Made The Jump, Mixed Results

    A year ago I said that HDTV didn't make sense for me. But with the arrival of Tivo HD, the dollar weakening and making dramatic price drops less likely, and the Red Sox making the playoffs, I decided to make the jump and bought a Philips 42".

    The biggest problem …

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