Best 100% Kona Coffees: 2011 Holualoa Coffee Stroll

Not counting Geek Acres, the best 100% Kona coffees were available for tasting during the annual Coffee Stroll.

Tina and I both agreed on the top 3:

  1. Mr. Bean: Complex, bright, great mouthfeel, clean finish -- everything you could want in a coffee.
  2. Sugai: Super mellow and round with a clean finish, but not quite as bright as Mr. Bean
  3. Jasminum: Very bright but smooth, nice finish. Not quite as much mouthfeel as other 2.

Honorable mentions to:

  • Aikane (Chocolate-y)
  • Buddha’s Cup -- a previous favorite, seemed like the finish was a little more acid-y than previously
  • Grandmas Choice -- only available in a dark roast, which is a pity. Would have been a finalist if a little more bean taste
  • Kona Coffee & Tea Company -- very good, complex, bright. Cold-brew available: very sweet, almost like a flavored coffee