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Ruby 1.9 Available

Ruby 1.9, which involves a number of significant upgrades, is now available. This is development code, probably not ready for use in upcoming sprints / development cyclese, but I will be downloading it if for no other reason than to experiment with its Fibers implementation.

BS On Rails

Kurt Schrader wonders if he's the first person to hit a point in a Rails app where he wonders if he's "finally hit the point where the cost of maintaining our code in Ruby is higher than the savings by writing it in Ruby in the first place?"

He says …

First IronRuby Drop Available

John Lam details the first public availability of IronRuby. Couple reasons why I'm interested in this:

  • It's Ruby
  • It's the CLR
  • It's a second data point for how to code for the DLR

I don't think I'm going to be able to resist the temptation to write a compiler for …