1. OOPSLA Day 2: More on Dart

    I think when people saw that Dart was from Gilad Bracha and Lars Bak there was an expectation that Dart was going to be a grand synthesis: a blazingly-fast NewSpeak-with-curly-brackets. It’s very much not such a language. It doesn’t seem, academically, vastly innovative because it doesn’t add …

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  2. FunLoft: Reactive Concurrent Programming Language

    It sounds like someone designed a programming language with the express intention of intriguing me:

    FunLoft is an experimental language for concurrent programming, designed with the following objectives:

    • make concurrent programming simpler by providing a framework with a clear and sound semantics.
    • provide a safe language, in which, for example …
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  3. The Traveling Astronomer Problem

    Apropos of something I'm not quite ready to talk about, here is an interesting challenge:

    How do you optimize your time at the telescope if you have a set of objects that you'd like to observe?

    For instance, if you want to see as many Messier objects as you can …

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