1. OOPSLA Day 2: Explicit Use-Case Representation in Programming Languages

    One of the emerging themes at this conference is the need to move “examples” (and their older siblings, scenarios and use-cases) “into the code,” so that examples/stories/scenarios/use-cases, which are tremendously meaningful to the subject-matter experts, are actually traceable directly into the code, which is tremendously meaningful to …

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  2. OOPSLA Day 2: More on Dart

    I think when people saw that Dart was from Gilad Bracha and Lars Bak there was an expectation that Dart was going to be a grand synthesis: a blazingly-fast NewSpeak-with-curly-brackets. It’s very much not such a language. It doesn’t seem, academically, vastly innovative because it doesn’t add …

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  3. OOPSLA Day 2: Gilad Bracha on Dart

    Gilad Bracha started the day’s Dynamic Languages Symposium with an invited talk on Dart, a new Web programming language (read: JavaScript replacement) in which “Sophisticated Web Applications need not be a tour de force.”

    OOPSLA is attended by academics, who are typically less interested in the surface appearance of …

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  4. OOPSLA Day 0

    I am in Portland for OOPSLA / SPLASH, a conference that is my sentimental favorite. I think my first OOPSLA was in New Orleans circa 1990 and OOPSLA Vancouver 92 is filled with memories (mostly because Tina came and we dove Orcas Island in wetsuits).

    OOPSLA is traditionally the big academic …

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  5. FunLoft: Reactive Concurrent Programming Language

    It sounds like someone designed a programming language with the express intention of intriguing me:

    FunLoft is an experimental language for concurrent programming, designed with the following objectives:

    • make concurrent programming simpler by providing a framework with a clear and sound semantics.
    • provide a safe language, in which, for example …
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  6. Hau'oli Mahahiki Hou!

    2009 was definitely a mixed bag for us, as was, I suppose, the "aughts."In other words, life.

    Out with the old:


    in with the new!


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