1. Tracking Apple Pencil angles and pressure with Xamarin

    Rumor has it that Apple will support the Apple Pencil in the forthcoming iPad. If so, more developers will want to use the new features of UITouch -- force, angle, and elevation -- supported by the incredibly-precise stylus.

    Basically, it's trivial:

    -- Force is UITouch.Force;
    -- Angle is UITouch.GetAzimuthAngle(UIView); and
    -- Angle …

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  2. TideMonkey: Development Diary 0

    I am publicly committing to developing “TideMonkey,” a tide-prediction application that will run on (at least) iOS and watchOS.

    TideMonkey will be based on Xtide, an excellent piece of software developed by David Flater. At the moment, my hope is that it will be a very loose port, or what …

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  3. Programming WatchKit with F#

    Disclaimer: This is just a hack. I’m not in any position to make announcements about stuff, but Xamarin loves F# and I’m sure that better solutions than this are forthcoming. But this was fun to get running, so…

    Xamarin just released it’s Preview of Watch Kit support …

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  4. Xamarin.Forms Programming in F#

    Things are kind of busy what with Evolve being only 40 days away and iOS 8 coming down the pipe, but I thought I'd share the easy hack that allows you to program Xamarin.Forms with F#.

    (Of course, Xamarin loves F# and official support and templates and documentation and …

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  5. iOS 8, Scene Kit @ 60FPS, programmed in F#, using Xamarin.iOS

    I have the best job in the world:

    [code lang="fsharp"]
    namespace SceneKitFSharp

    open System
    open MonoTouch.UIKit
    open MonoTouch.Foundation
    open MonoTouch.SceneKit
    open MonoTouch.CoreAnimation

    type MySceneKitController () =
    inherit UIViewController()

    override this.ViewDidLoad () =
    let scene = new SCNScene ()

    //Positions everyone!
    let boxNode = new SCNNode ()
    boxNode.Geometry \<- new SCNBox(
    Width = 1 …

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    I think BASIC's greatest strength may be that it was something that many people -- not just those with a particular background -- could learn. There was no gatekeeper, either literally or figuratively: you didn't have to push punchcards under a bank-teller window nor did you have to learn recursion before learning …

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