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Tracking Apple Pencil angles and pressure with Xamarin

Rumor has it that Apple will support the Apple Pencil in the forthcoming iPad. If so, more developers will want to use the new features of UITouch -- force, angle, and elevation -- supported by the incredibly-precise stylus.

Basically, it's trivial:

-- Force is UITouch.Force;
-- Angle is UITouch.GetAzimuthAngle(UIView); and
-- Angle …

Xanadu Trackbacks

Jeff Atwood's brief post on Ted Nelson's Xanadu ~~failed to~~ mention[ed briefly]{style="color:red"} the aspect of Xanadu that I expected to be worked out by now, which is that links were bidirectional in Xanadu. The closest thing the Web has are trackbacks / pingbacks, which are problematic to …

Lang.NET, DSL DevCon Highlights

Intentional Software has forged a silver bullet. It's terribly difficult not to go into that in great depth (I will shortly), but for now, I simply don't want to bury the lede.

OK, so other than that what was interesting?

There are several categories that need to be talked about …