1. Getting To Know Scala: Project Euler Primes

    Prime numbers are not my thing, but generating them is a common task in the early Project Euler problems. The one algorithm I know for generating primes is the Sieve of Eratosthenes, which I defined in Scala as:

    [sourcecode lang="scala"]
    def successor(n : Double) : Stream[Double] = Stream.cons(n …

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  2. Cyclomatic Complexity Analyzer for Ruby

    Saikuro : A Cyclomatic Complexity Analyzer.

    Function complexity does not seem to be a great problem in the Ruby world, but tracking cyclomatic complexity is one of those things that can help pinpoint troubled modules.

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  3. Hau'oli Mahahiki Hou!

    2009 was definitely a mixed bag for us, as was, I suppose, the "aughts."In other words, life.

    Out with the old:


    in with the new!


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  4. Xanadu Trackbacks

    Jeff Atwood's brief post on Ted Nelson's Xanadu ~~failed to~~ mention[ed briefly]{style="color:red"} the aspect of Xanadu that I expected to be worked out by now, which is that links were bidirectional in Xanadu. The closest thing the Web has are trackbacks / pingbacks, which are problematic to …

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  5. Lang.NET, DSL DevCon Highlights

    Intentional Software has forged a silver bullet. It's terribly difficult not to go into that in great depth (I will shortly), but for now, I simply don't want to bury the lede.

    OK, so other than that what was interesting?

    There are several categories that need to be talked about …

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