1. The Protocol Pattern

    In C# (and F#), one can define extension methods on interfaces. These extension methods can have implementations, which can be used as default implementations for implementors of the extension. I haven't heard a name for this technique.


    [code lang="csharp"]
    interface IFoo


    static class IFoo_Extensions
    public static void …

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  2. iOS 8, Scene Kit @ 60FPS, programmed in F#, using Xamarin.iOS

    I have the best job in the world:

    [code lang="fsharp"]
    namespace SceneKitFSharp

    open System
    open MonoTouch.UIKit
    open MonoTouch.Foundation
    open MonoTouch.SceneKit
    open MonoTouch.CoreAnimation

    type MySceneKitController () =
    inherit UIViewController()

    override this.ViewDidLoad () =
    let scene = new SCNScene ()

    //Positions everyone!
    let boxNode = new SCNNode ()
    boxNode.Geometry \<- new SCNBox(
    Width = 1 …

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