Reviewing Values for iOS UIViewContentMode with Xamarin and F#

Who can remember the scaling behavior of UIView.ContentMode? Not me!

So I wrote this quick little F# program to review them:

[code lang="fsharp"]
namespace Simple

open System
open MonoTouch.UIKit
open MonoTouch.Foundation
open System.Drawing

type ContentView ( color : UIColor ) as self =
inherit UIView ()
self.BackgroundColor \< - color …

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Review of my Xamarin F# Event Code Leads To Improvements

Not at all surprisingly, it turns out that F# events need not be the crufty structures I showed in my previous post.

First, Xamarin's David Siegel suggested "Let the Event type be inferred, don't define a delegate type, and send simple typed values rather than EventArgs:"

open System

type Control …

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Review of my first real F# program written in Xamarin

tl;dr: F# has a long learning curve (it takes a long time to master) but productivity happens quickly.

I recently wrote my first real application in F#. Although I've been using F# for many of my scripting needs for about a year and use F# to explore iOS APIs …

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