Blog Citation Standard: Flawed

"Citing Medicine" has issued a standard for citing blogs in academic writing, which would like this for this entry:

O'Brien, L. Knowing.NET [blog on the Internet]. Kailua Kona: [Larry O'Brien]. [June 2002] -  [cited 2007 October 13]. Available from

The first thing I don't like is the "blog on the Internet" as the "type of medium." Why not just "Internet"? Or, if there's some legitimate distinction to be made between a blog and, say, a wiki or customized homepage or Facebook page, why not simply "blog"?

Worse, though, are the rules for date of publication [June 2002] and the availability block. Date of publication is the starting date of the blog, which in a sense parses logically, but that's like citing a television show as dating from the start of its network. But the lack of a permalink for the availability is terrible. To find a particular post, you have to find the main site, somehow navigate to the citation date, and seek the particular reference. Yuch. Permalink, people, permalink.