Highly Recommended Focus Night Amp Day Contact Lenses I Had Pretty Much

Highly recommended: Focus Night & Day Contact Lenses. I had pretty much given up on contact lenses as my eyes have become less tolerant over decades of staring at a computer monitor for mumble, mumble hours per day. After saving my pennies for Lasik, I decided the operation wasn't right for me (it's a cruder process than I imagined, generally resulting in less-than-20/20 vision and at-night "blooming" of bright objects, which I absolutely would hate). So I went on a mission of trying out all the "high-end" contacts. Even when I was younger, I was never able to wear any brand of contacts overnight; I've been wearing Night & Days since mid-July and now routinely wear them for a week or more at a time (I just went two weeks before taking them out the other day). The boxes are expensive, but you actually get 8 lenses per box, so the per-lens cost is not that much greater than other high-end lenses like Acuvue 2s or Bausch & Lomb PureVisions (which I would wear if I couldn't get Day & Nights). If you wear contacts, try them out. For me, Acuvue's feel better going in and for the first couple of hours, but after that, it's all Night & Day.