Im Not The Biggest Fan Of The Americans With Disabilities Act But Im Shocked To Read That AA Hrefhttprsscomcom21001

I'm not the biggest fan of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but I'm shocked to read that a judge has ruled that it doesn't apply to cyberspace. Of all the endeavors that might deserve a mandate of accessibility, I would rank computer programs (at least, commercial Web sites) very high. If it makes sense to force the PGA to accept a handicapped golfer, then certainly it makes sense to force Southwest to make its Internet-only fares accessible to the blind. The act has turned into a bit of a showcase for the law of unintended consequences (oh, my God! I'm linking to the Cato Institute!), but it's a darn shame that the Web, which started out as being one of the most accessible software systems (thanks in large part to Lynx), is being given a pass, when the effort required to make a Web site accessible is generally low.