An Important Affirmation Of The Core Strengths Of C Games Are Going To Be Written Mostly In C

An important affirmation of the core strengths of C++: "Games are going to be written mostly in C++ for the next umpteen-thousand years. Even if MS comes through with their promise to make managed DirectX run at 98% performance, you won't be seeing C# games on the shelves. You're probably never gonna see any form of CLR running on a console." \<snip>

[Sam Gentile's Weblog]>

Gotta' disagree on this one: I'd be willing to bet my Dreamcast that within 36 months, a top 10 game will be written or scripted in managed code. From Myst to Deer Hunter to Roller Coaster Tycoon, the PC market routinely embraces games that one can imagine driving from managed code.