Blogging With Ink From A Tablet PC If You Have IE Check It Out Unfortunat

Blogging with ink from a Tablet PC

If you have IE, check it out. Unfortunately, Netscape can't render it. This is what it says:

Blogging from Tablet

Well, it's easy enough to write a client app that uses the Blogger API to add ink-based notes to your blog, but the problem is that the ink is saved in a MIME-TYPE that Netscape cannot under[stand]. So...

1) Either you have to render all your ink as text -- which SUCKS [and pretty much undermines the whole point of ink blogging]

2) Or... save your entry as a TIFF, which equally sucks because the ink becomes non-editable.

3) Or... you have to have a blog that is not readable by some [which is probably unacceptable]