Thinking In C Print Version Delayed Until Fall 2003 For Reasons Beyond My Control Believe

Thinking in C# Print Version Delayed Until Fall 2003

For reasons beyond my control (believe me), Thinking in C# will not be available in print until the Fall of 2003. The good news is that this will give an opportunity to take the book to the highest possible level of accuracy and scope. The bad news is the fairly serious personal economic impact; the book was intended to be the foundation for a series of projects (digital versions, seminars, etc.) and now all of those must be delayed or cancelled while I get things back on a paying basis.

The digital downloadable "release candidate" version will be withdrawn shortly. I do not know if, when, or in what form future version(s) of the book will be available for digital download, so if you're interested in reading Thinking in C#, now is the time to buy. I should be explicit: the reasons for the delay do not have to do with technical flaws in the book as it stands: there are a dozen or so known technical gaffes in the "release candidate," which seems in keeping with a book of approximately 1,000 pages, and an addendum will be sent out shortly. I think this version is a pretty darn good bargain if you're thinking about learning C# this year.