Dotcom Tellall Website Sued By Former CEO The ExCEO

Dot-com tell-all Website sued by former CEO. The ex-CEO of a now-defunct company for which I worked is trying to quash Fabian Gonzalez' iMind Parody Site for detailing how the company burned through \$15M in investment while having employees share toilet-cleaning duty.

Substance abuse; first class plane tickets, five-star hotels and limos on a bottomless expense account; the presentation to the Chinese Ministry of Education that fell-through because the CEO flew to the wrong city (Beijing, Nanjing -- they all sound alike).

These stories are not in dispute, but the ex-CEO contends some other details on the site have caused him emotional distress. Gonzalez' site is alleged to have contributed to the collapse of another multimillion-dollar investment "opportunity" helmed by the ex-CEO and is being sued by both the CEO and the CEO's new company, so the deeper pockets are on the side of silencing the site. Visit it while you can and consider contributing to Gonzalez' legal defense fund.