Open Source Code Better Than Commercial Quality According To A Study By Reasoning Software Heres

Open Source code better than commercial quality.

According to a study by Reasoning software (here's a link, but it's down at the moment), Linux' 2.4.19 implementation of the TCP/IP stack ran around .1 defect per 1,000 lines of code (which we'll assume means executable semi-colons), compared to 5 commercial OS's (at least 2 of which were UNIX flavors), which averaged .6 to .7 defects per KLOC. Reasoning may only be looking at memory defects, which may explain why these rates are dramatically lower than the industry standard of 10-20 defects per KLOC (Software Assessments, Best Practices, and Benchmarks). The study is strong evidence for the OS argument that to many eyes, all defects are shallow.