Ive Pretty Much Given Up On The Community Starter Kit From Aspnet Im Building A Site De

I've pretty much given up on the community starter kit from asp.net. I'm building a site dedicated to software for the Tablet PC (InkPositive.com), and hoped the starter kits could jumpstart me, especially regarding discussion boards. But in addition to being buggy (the kits are still in beta, and I would say they have at least 2 major revs before primetime), they are not componentized. I spent most of a day just switching from table-based to CSS-based layout (so that Tablet users can choose right- or left-handed navigation); something's wrong when display is so tied to function. But when I began work on an ink-supporting discussion board I quickly realized that it would be quicker to just start from scratch.

There's some lesson here about Web programming versus application programming. Maybe it ties in with the failure of XSL, too.

P.S. You do know that if you write an XSL-based Website, Google won't spider any links in the XSL stylesheet, don't you?