"...I came up with three primary classifications for thinking about

the UML: UmlAsSketch \<> ,

UmlAsBlueprint \<> , and


\<> of the problems that I, and some others, are having with UML 2 is because there are many changes that have been introduced to increase its precision - changes that are primarily to make it more

suitable for UmlAsBlueprint and UmlAsProgrammingLanguage. But

these changes increase the bulk of the UML - and thus make it harder for

those of who prefer UmlAsSketch...." via [Martin Fowler's Bliki

\<> ]

Martin's right, but he's being too polite. The only people who want UML to become a programming language are in the trade. In the real world, the only way that UML is accepted is as a sketch. Martin probably knows this better than anyone, as his book UML Distilled ( has deservedly sold roughly a bazillion more copies than the UML Reference Manual (