He Asked Me What I Had Learned In A Fivemonth Initial Experience With Agile Programming Wow So Many Things I

"He asked me what I had learned [in a five-month initial experience with Agile Programming]. Wow, so many things. I learned...

  • that without a full-time Coach experienced in ATG, TDD was destined for failure.
  • that architects need to be in the trenches on Agile projects.
  • that pair programming and open workspaces are extremely powerful.
  • that I can't be a full-time developer and an effective XP Coach at the same time.
  • that we need to get a better handle on testing web applications in an early and automated way.
  • that continual customer involvement can maximize the amount of work not done. "

Dave Hoover has kept a journal of his experiences introducing agile practices such as pair programming and test-driven design into his workgroup. (via MemoRanda)