Desktop videotraining

Micro-expressions -- facial expressions that last a fraction of a second -- give away exactly how you feel, no matter how hard you try to conceal it. A CD-ROM set teaches how to detect the emotions people try to hide. By Kim Zetter. via [Wired News]

Okay, the particular application is cool, but what I'm really interested in is that video technology is where publishing technology was 20 years ago -- on the verge of a desktop revolution. The tools to assemble a professional video-based training product -- digital camcorders with Firewire/1394 capture, mikes, editing suites, and codecs -- have all moved into the consumer realm, just as the first PCs (or, more accurately, the first Macs) brought the tools necessary to create camera-ready copy into the consumer realm.


p dir="ltr"> There are tons of video editing products out there, but their impetus is always movies / story-telling. Serious Magic is the only training-oriented I know of, and they're skewing towards corporate training and overemphasize their (nice) chromakeying feature. I'm much more interested in a product that retails for, say, \$99ish that plays to the fact that everyone can coach something. Templates, scripts, some kind of simple animation technology (but stripped down: the animation should be to Macromedia Flash what Microsoft MovieMaker is to Adobe Premiere). I think there's a product there.