Lonestar, the number 1.7, and an SDK - what they are (not)

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[The 1.7 refers to a new version of the Tablet PC SDK]{style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"}. ... [Lonestar]{style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"} is the codename for a Tablet PC project that should be released in the first half of 2004....and Lonestar is not supposed to be "version 2.0" anyway....don't put users and buyers into the middle of a fray they don't care about. If people want to be excited about a next "version" of the Tablet PC OS, just quietly correct them, and fuel their joy. Don't make it look like the Tablet PC division spends more arguing and being needlessly paranoid than developing features that users want. via [Tabula PC]

Very good post; read the whole thing. :::