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Dare Obasanjo and Jon Udell are fencing. Combat was joined with Jon's coinage of the phrase "replace-and-defend" to criticize the seemingly disruptive technologies being used in Longhorn, such as the use of a new schema language (rather than W3C XML Schema) to describe the metadata that is the source of WinFS' promised mojo. Dare's parries that the essence of XML is specific vocabularies for specific tasks and that WinFS' needs are not the needs of XML Schema. Jon ripostes with an unfailingly polite "....no base standards beyond XML itself were of use to WinFS? It puzzles me." and then performs a ballestra "...the terminology of the Longhorn docs is revealing. Person, Contact, and Organization items are referred to as "Windows types," presumably because their schemata appear as classes in Longhorn's managed API. But to me these are universal types, not Windows types. I had expected them to be defined using XML Schema, and to be able to interoperate directly with SOAP payloads and XML documents on any platform. " Touche, Jon! Dare is undoubtedly preparing a fleche.

BTW, that's not cribbed from some glossary -- once upon a time I was coached by Ed Richards and Larry Dargie (who, yes, made us fence blind-folded on occasion).