Ontology of WinFS: More important than WS-*?

Peter Coffee sees a move towards standards compliance from Microsoft at PDC via [The Scobleizer Weblog]

In the tiny little world of software development tech journalism, it looks like Microsoft is getting passing grades on the standards issue. Jon Udell's debate with Dare has calmed down (although note that since Jon is a professional, it's not like he's going to stoke flames).


p dir=ltr> To me the challenge has moved to the WinFS ontology, where mistakes will have enormous consequence. For instance: in the preliminary WinFS schema, the Core.Event object/structure uses the DateTime object to specify begin and end times. In the .NET BCL, the DateTime object is not based upon Universal Time and "Calculations and comparisons of DateTime instances are only meaningful when the instances are created in the same time zone." As anyone who's been frustrated using Outlook to coordinate meetings during business trips knows, this is a real problem.