Single User Source Control

Many people have asked us for a single-user SourceGear Vault license at a very-low-cost....The Single User Edition of Vault is now available at a cost of \$49....Why would anyone want to use source control on a team of one?....It's an undo mechanism....It's a historical archive....It's a reference point for diff....It's a backup....It's a journal of my progress....It's a server. via [Eric.Weblog()]

It never occurred to me that even lone coders wouldn't use source control. I always use source control. When I'm in Lone Coder mode, I'm always doing crazy shiznit, slapping stuff in and out. I'll admit that I use Ctl-C quite a bit (in VS.NET, that comments out the selected code), but I also use source control every couple hours. A metaphor I've used a couple of times for change management is that it's like placing protection when mountain climbing -- while there are real tradeoffs between speed and the appropriate formality of your change management, there are very few interesting situations that don't require some protection. (BTW, I can't vouch for SourceGear; never used it.)