I Wrote The Following Radio Userland Macro So That I Can Put Blog Entries In Different Categories Into Different Places On A

I wrote the following Radio Userland macro so that I can put blog entries in different categories into different places on a page. So, for instance, blog entries in the category "Published" are what generate the "Recent Writing" list here on the right. It may be that there's some built-in macro that allows this sort of thing, but if there is, I couldn't figure it out. If there's not, and you want the code, add this code to your template, replacing the string "Published" with a category of your choosing. (Comments, of course, appreciated) :

local(ret = "");
local(publishedItems = {});
local(i = 1);
posts = \@weblogData.posts;
for post in posts {
  if(sizeof(post\^.categories) > 0) {
    for cat in \@post\^.categories {
      if nameof(cat\^) == "Published" {
        publishedItems[i] = "\<p>" + string(post\^.text) + "\</p>";
        i = i + 1}}}};
for j = sizeof(publishedItems) downto 1 {
  ret = ret + publishedItems[j]};
return ret