Nobody expects the object-oriented inquisition!

Danny Boyd has written an open letter to Microsoft challenging them on the subject of scripting languages. More specifically, he worries about the "need to produce simple, procedural, functional web-based database applications. I'm talking here about HTML forms that post or retrieve data for editing."

Don Box, where I got that link, concurs with the general sentiment and cuts to the quick with the statement "many of us underestimate how big a deal type definitions are...."

What's interesting, of course, is that to those of us who've drunk the Kool-Ade, types (roughly: what object-oriented programming calls a "class") and events seem to make thinking about programs easier. When you think about a variable, don't you think about the values it can have and the ways you can manipulate it? That's its type. It's just that there are a lot of applications where the only two types that are important are integers, strings, and dates. Three important types: integers, strings, dates, and floating point. Four! Four important types: integers, strings, dates, floating point numbers, and currency... Wait, I'll come in again...