RSS Feed Irritations

Please, please, please, provide away to aggregate the whole text of the post ?

Some folks (like Tim) have no control as something else does the RSS. Some folks (like Martin) provide the whole text. But some folks only provide an "excerpt" (cant think of an example offhand) and others (Keith springs to mind) provide only headlines.

It's pure and good to have a low bandwidth headline service, but I cant then aggregate and read on the train. Is this a case of premature optimisation ?

via [TWELVE|71 : dull. dull. dull.]

+1. It's one thing when (like me) you're occasionally inlining graphics (in my case, images generated by ink strokes), but IMO, the bandwidth costs are insignificant versus the time lost clicking and waiting for a Web browser to open and a page to render and blah blah blah...