Blog Ecosystems: Java vs .NET

I read a lot of Java related blogs and a lot of MS related blogs, but very few of the Java blogs are by Sun folks.. ..If I'm looking for thought leadership from the community, in the Java community, I'm looking towards the non Sun bloggers -- these are the folks doing AOP, Groovy, SGen, Prevalence, WebWork, etc. This shows the rich ecosystem that has grown up around Java. If I look at the .NET community, I pretty much look for the MS bloggers. There are some leaders outside of MS, but pretty much the thought leadership resides with folks inside the "big house". From where I sit, this is an accurate characterization of the .NET and Java ecosystems. Via [Ted Leung on the air]

I think this has more to do with Microsoft's sheer size. Microsoft has, what?, twice as many developers as Sun has employees. And Microsoft is vastly more aligned than Sun, a company which is, after all, a hardware company. And, frankly, Microsoft getting on the Cluetrain and abandoning strict "message control" obviously struck a chord within the company.


p dir="ltr"> Having said all that, there's no doubt that Java's community is more organic and embracing of external thought leaders.