Could we change the line "jack-booted thugs" to "stylish go-getters"?

This has to be one of the more interesting "help wanted" ads to surface of late -- Entertainment Liaison for the US Department of Homeland Security. Up to \$136K:

The Entertainment Liaison Office supports the Office of Public Affairs by influencing how the Department of Homeland Security is portrayed in mass entertainment media. It helps to ensure accurate portrayal of the department's mission, policies, and activities, while proactively working to help the American public better identify DHS functions. via [Boing Boing]

"And a solid 83% of electronics checked in carry-on luggage comes through un-harmed. A broken laptop screen is a small price to pay for secure skies!" (I mean, is it just *my* stuff they break? On my last flight, they managed to break a dive flashlight that's rated to withstand 20 freakin' atmospheres of pressure.)