Why hasn't Tivo taken off

Mark Canter asks "why hasn't Tivo taken off?"

It hasn't taken off because the acquisition and implementation cost are too high for most people. Look at the rats nest of wires behind most AV systems and you'll see just what I mean.

Also, most people are scared of technology. Seriously. You really gotta get on planes and talk to average users to really understand this one. via [Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

The first point's right on. The second point ("scared of technology") is only correct as a subset of the first. People aren't scared of the technology in a high-definition plasma screen TV are they? Because (they think) they'll plug it in and get the experience. I don't have a Tivo because (a) I'd have to run a second cable under my house, fish it through my walls to my set-top box, and rewire the A/V routing. And (b) the cost is something like \$400, once you add the service, which I take it is mandatory. For what? A digital VCR.