I'm very excited to announce that as of today, April 1st 2004, I've become the world's first micro-outsourced developer. I've hired great developers in Bangalore (GMT +4.5), Cameroon (GMT +1), Brazil (GMT -3), and Vanuatu (GMT -7). My job is to write the unit tests. I post them as binary assemblies to our Groove workspace at any time of day or night, "injecting" them into a 24-hour implementation workday. After several low-profile expirements with Rent-A-Coder "open bids," I've determined that this "4/1" configuration provides the best balance of quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. I pay piece-rate, but my guys are averaging just over \\(4 an hour, with which they're delighted. Meanwhile, I'm averaging 1230 lines of clean code per day (at 30 lines of code per function point). At this rate, I am anticipating shipping my first application (a game for the Tablet PC) in time to compete for the [\\)100,000 ISV prize](http://www.doesyourappthinkinink.com/), with out-of-pocket expenses totalling around \$8,200.