Chat with Bruce Schneier May 5, 11 AM PDT


Homeland Security and Other So-Called Solutions:

A Conversation with Bruce Schneier

Editor in Chief Alexandra Weber Morales interviews security and cryptography expert Bruce Schneier, author of Applied Cryptography, Secrets and Lies and, most recently, Beyond Fear:

Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain World.

If you're looking for a tech insider's take on homeland security, cryptographer and consultant Bruce Schneier combines an encyclopedic knowledge of security, engineering, history and culture with insight into multiple domains. In this one-hour live interview, Schneier will discuss his five-step process for dissecting security solutions, and then apply that analysis to the FAA's controversial Computer-Assisted Passenger Profiling System, national ID cards, FBI and CIA-level data collection and mining, Terrorist Information Analysis, e-voting and the Department of Homeland Security itself. But that's not all: Schneier will spend much of the program answering your questions in real-time, be they related to application development or geopolitics. Don't miss this special program of fresh and uncompromising insight from the nation's go-to security expert!

May 5, 2004

11 a.m. Pacific

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