Should a Weblog just be questions?

For this month, aside from occasional out-link posts, all of my posts will be in the form of questions. I hope to increase the amount of feedback I get, both in my comments and directly to my email address ( More importantly, I hope to break down the "echo chamber" quality of the blogosphere a bit and get some new perspectives on the state of the software development industry.

For instance, I love the Tablet PC. To me it's an exciting form factor, it suggests all sorts of new applications, and the SDK has tremendous bang for the buck. If I were looking to start up a company, we'd be building Tablet software (heck, I've got the application designed!). But obviously, very few people share that view and what can I learn by writing Yet Another Blog Entry on how much I love the Tablet PC? So,

If you had, say, a quarter of a million dollars in angel funding to start your own software company right now, what would you build?