The myth of the Tablet consumer

The "Tablet isn't for consumers" story is a myth. Tell it to the students using Tablets. Tell it to the start ups that leverage the flexibility of the Tablet in their highly fluid states. Tell it to the doctors, lawyers, managers, engineers, and on and on, that purchased a Tablet out of their own pocket--and not as part of an IT deployment strategy--because they saw it could help them.  via [Incremental Blogger]

If I were a Tablet OEM, I'd create an ultra-portable "Clark Kent" edition and ship copies to the first two rows of the White House Press Corps, the Courtroom TV reporters, and the top on-air reporters in NYC, LA, and Chicago. Then, I'd create the leather-clad "Titan of Industry Limited Edition" and advertise it in The New Yorker, Architectural Digest, etc.