When Think Tanks Ad Hominem Attack

Tim Lambert's When Think Tanks Attack does a good job of exposing Microsoft attempts at Astroturfing (paying for the appearance of "grassroots" movement). Sure enough, Microsoft hired as their chief lobbyist one of the directors of a particular think-tank that I questioned about three months ago (I'm not going to give their name because, y'know, why whuffie?).

So this press release comes from this "think tank," and I shoot off an email to them, asking about their logic. Nice, civil discourse. And what happens?  The president of this particular "think tank," writes me a nasty-gram. So essentially, Microsoft paid for me to be insulted by this crap-weasel. 

I hope the other thinking from that particular "tank" is better than "let's gratuitously insult someone with a print column read by 65,000 software development managers."