FlexWiki: Another MS Project Goes Common Public License

FlexWiki, a Wiki project by Microsoft Program Manager David Ornstein, has moved from GotDotNet to Sourceforge and changed to a Common Public License. This is the third project after WiX and WTL that MS has placed on SourceForge. Clearly, Microsoft lawyers have worked their way through the CPL and found it acceptable. Whether “floodgates will open” or we'll just see a trickle of projects, it's good to see.

I joined the FlexWiki mailing list a while back, wondering if I could add Tablet PC inking to it. My first take is that the document structure isn't quite what you want for an ink-based Wiki. The big wrench in the “Ink Wiki” plan is that text recognition can only occur on machines running the Tablet PC version of Windows XP, making Search significantly more difficult to pull off.