The roughest thing about this election is that, let's face it, this was the Democrats' best shot. Four years ago, you could blame Gore for running away from the Clinton record. Two years ago, you could look at the spineless Republican-Lite strategy of the DNC. But yesterday it came down to a candidate nominated very much for his “electability,“ a pretty well run campaign (“Gee, if only he'd responded to the Swift Boats stuff five days earlier“?), winning debate performances, a strongly motivated base... I mean, c'mon.

Well, that's not really the roughest thing about this election. The roughest thing about this election is four more years of an administration intent on turning this country into Rome, with Imperialist foreign policies and domestic policies destroying the possibility of working yourself into wealth. Oh, and let me be the first to predict Jeb Bush's victory in '08.

No use crying about it. Back to software development analysis...

How 'bout that Ruby On Rails?