TIP hooks would hook developers (and users)

What would you do if you had more programmatic access to the Tablet PC TIP? [Via]{style="FONT-STYLE: italic"} [Incremental Blogger]

I think the general answer to this is that I want to be able to control the TIP via something awfully close to Backus-Naur Form. Here’s a classic example of how math equation input might be defined:

input ::= ws expr ws eoi;

expr ::= ws powterm [{ws '^' ws powterm}];

powterm ::= ws factor [{ws ('*'|'/') ws factor}];

factor ::= ws term [{ws ('+'|'-') ws term}];

term ::= '(' ws expr ws ')' | '-' ws expr | number;

number ::= {dgt} ['.' {dgt}] [('e'|'E') ['-'] {dgt}];

dgt ::= '0'|'1'|'2'|'3'|'4'|'5'|'6'|'7'|'8'|'9';

ws ::= [{' '|'\t'|'\n'|'\r'}];

That’s really pretty darn comprehensible if you ask me.