Blogs, employment, and personae

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Ellen Simonetti: I was fired [from Delta Airlines] for blogging. Michael Gartenberg reacts. [via]{style="font-style:italic"}
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[Gartenberg’s reaction boils down to the fact that (a) it’s not as simple as that – Simonetti’s firing seems to have more to do with her apparently “semi-provocative” photos of her in her Delta uniform, than blogging per se, and (b) blogging is helping people get hired, too.]{style=""}

[Blogging is a public act and, like any lengthy piece of writing, involves a persona – the “narrator” who has a personality and point of view and style of writing. You have to accept responsibility for the consequences of that public persona, for good or bad. It is nonsense to believe that your blog persona will or should be viewed as non-judgmentally as the way your personal behavior in your own home or the home of your friends will be judged.]{style=""} :::