Chris Sells Falls Drinks the Snorkeling Kool-Aid

…snorkeling rocks!... my first snorkeling expedition ever. At first, I was blown away at the clarity of what I could see under the water and the ease with which I could breath (I expected to swallow a lot of water). Then, I was completely freaked out at the shear number of fish under the water (thousands!), even in areas with humans inches away…. I was simultaneously part of and not part of this new world I was floating over…. [Via]{style="FONT-STYLE: italic"}  [Marquee de Sells: Chris's insight outlet]

If you've never been snorkeling on a coral reef, you can't possibly, possibly imagine how vibrant the life is. And equally, if you've only been snorkeling in the Caribbean or Hawaii, you can't possibly, possibly imagine what a reef wall in Palau or New Guinea is like.