Office Ink Improvement? Anyone See Anything?

According to Microsoft's Frank Gocinski, "Microsoft Office has shipped their context manifests for the Tablet PC Platform [December 16], they are available at

Contextual Awareness is a key part of the Tablet PC 2005 O/S, it enables applications to hint to the recognizers what the most probable results of the Ink to Text recognition process should be.”

I've downloaded and installed the package but am not sure what difference it makes. Has anyone seen a difference? The thing that's especially confusing to me is that I can't figure out what kind of hint can be given from typical Office apps, since they accept free-form input. Only if this were some kind of dynamic thing (for instance, Excel saying “The first strokes in a cell are likely to be either a cell reference, a number, or the initial characters of a formula... Oh, okay, it's a formula name, so the next character is almost certainly a '(', ...okay... so now they've written what looks like an 'a', so it's a cell reference, so the next characters are likely to be numbers). This kind of dynamic recognition and hinting is very interesting, but I thought it was beyond the current API. Anyone know the lowdown?