Tablet PCs help with name recognition

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"It's not going to come up with anything." That's what I thought when Lora challenged me to Google her [first]{style="font-style:italic"} name. I couldn't have been more wrong. Lora's site, WhatIsNew, is listed as the third item. In disbelief, I had to try my name, Loren. Hmm. This blog is listed 6^th^… I'm guessing it's because of the Tablet PC…. [via]{style="font-style:italic"} [Incremental Blogger]

[What a riot! I’m “Larry” #48! Below Larry King and Lawrence Lessig, but above Larry Ellison (heh)! Most amazingly, in both Google and MSN Search I’m higher than the [real]{style="font-style:italic"} Larry O’Brien.]{style=""} :::