Frisbee Golf

Spent the weekend getting my butt kicked in a Frisbee Golf Tournament over on the Hilo side. Camped at the gorgeous Mackenzie State Park, where the first two rounds were played in a very tight, forested course (the only two holes that weren't through trees were over the water). Yesterday the tournament moved to Wailoa State Park in Hilo, which was much more open, but had great water hazards (100 yards over the water, island holes, etc.). I much preferred the Wailoa course, since (a) I'm a strong thrower but unused to golf discs, so I had no touch working through the trees, and (b) I can't stand the “thunk” of a clean disc smacking into a tree at full speed.

Very nice group of people, including some travelling pros (yes, people travel to throw Frisbee golf). To me, though, the actual highlight of the weekend was a humpback that swam by no more than 100 yards offshore at Mackenzie.

Hilo was gorgeous yesterday. It gets a bad rap because it's rainier than Kailua Kona, but it's a really great town.